2012 NFL Draft: Trading Up With Fourth Overall Pick Not an Option for Cleveland Browns

A great deal of mock drafts for the 2012 NFL Draft have the Cleveland Browns trading up from the fourth overall pick to secure the right to select quarterback Robert Griffin III.

But it’s not just the mock drafts that have people talking. Scouts and draft analysts alike have been speculating about the possibility of the Browns trading up for Griffin III, citing the team’s supposedly glaring need for a quarterback.

Regardless of what you think about Colt McCoy, trading up for, say, the second overall pick simply isn’t in the cards for the Browns.

Think of it this way: teams know when others are desperate for a certain player, so they hold those interested teams over a barrel until they get a deal that works in their favor. And that means extra draft picks.

It’s impossible to tell what the Browns would have to give up to move into the second overall pick, but you’d have to assume that their second pick in the first round (No. 22 overall), any of their picks in the second to fourth rounds, and some potential 2013 draft picks might be involved.

For the Cleveland Browns, that’ s simply something they can’t swing. For a roster that is depleted and in desperate need of playmakers on both sides of the ball, the Browns need as many draft picks as they can get. If anything, fans shouldn’t be surprised to see the Browns trade down once again.

More important, though, is the implication of what could happen to this franchise should it trade up to draft Robert Griffin III and it doesn’t work out. Obviously, the NFL Draft is a risk for every team, but it’s a particularly precarious situation for the Browns, who can’t afford to not only trade up, but certainly can’t afford to pick a “franchise quarterback” who only amounts to being a bust.

For the Browns, there are many healthy options for them at No. 4, and Griffin III could even be one of them. However, if another team trades up to select him before that point, so be it. The Browns can then choose to stockpile talent around Colt McCoy.

It may not be the sexiest way to conduct this draft, but it sure is the smartest.

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  • jdp440

    Not going anywhere without a QB, if you have the chance to get a potential franchise QB you do it regardless of the cost.

    You’re lying to yourself if you think any of these “needs” on both sides of the ball are more important then a solution to the QB problems we’ve had for the past decade, sorry. You give up whatever you have to if H&H feel RGIII is the guy.

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  • StevieZ

    If you have a chance to get a difference making QB in the draft, you have to take him. Teams can’t be scared of the bust factor or possibly giving up a pick later in the draft. You can’t win or even expect to compete in the NFL without a top flight QB. If RG3 is still this highly rated after the combine and all the pre-draft evaluations, then the Browns would the same old Browns if they whiff on an opportunity to get a guy that lead this team for the next decade or more.

    There are no bad teams in the NFL with really good QBs. Its the only position that truly matters.

  • metalbuckeye

    If the Browns were only a QB away from the promised land I would be all for the trade up to grab RGIII, but as it stands we would be saying the same thing as last year with Colt…He needs weapons. The Browns would have to give up this year’s draft. There are way too many holes for this to even be a possibility. The fact is the two other teams in dire need of a QB do not have the fire power to trade up (Washington and Miami). RGIII will be available at the #4 pick. Even then I would trade down and stockpile more draft picks for 2012 and grab a 1st round in 2013. Give Colt a shot with an upgraded offense.

  • kevinpnye

    Dear Steve,


    Respectfully yours,

    Kevin Nye

  • Shadylamp

    @StevieZ Mr. StevieZ, yes there is. San Diego Chargers, Houston Texans. Yes, these teams are bad in the sense they under perform every year and you won’t be seeing either team in the super bowl any time soon.

  • Shadylamp

    @jdp440 Everyone uses the term “without a QB”. Last time I checked, McCoy IS a QB. and everyone should hold judgment until after the 4th year in the league. It does take that long. Tom Brady was a backup, Steve young was a backup, Aaron Rogers was back up, Joe Montana was a back up… I’m tired of typing now. You get the point.

  • tbslim

    Anyone that thinks the Browns are in desperate need for a QB knows nothing about football.

  • StevieZ

    @Shadylamp@StevieZ The Chargers and Texans have combined for 1 below .500 season in the past 5 years. Maybe they have underacheived, but they are not bad teams.

  • StevieZ

    @Shadylamp@jdp440 Comparing Colt McCoy to any of the QB’s you named is ridiculous.

    Aaron Rodgers was a 1st round pick who sat behind a HOF QB. Tom Brady and Joe Montana both won Super Bowls within their first 2 or 3 seasons in the NFL. And Steve Young was a starter before being hand picked by Bill Walsh to be the successor to Joe Montana.

    Who are your examples of “wait 4 years” guys?

  • jdp440

    I think the better way to say it is that there are no good teams in the NFL with a really bad QB. Colt McCoy has not proven he is a good decision maker, let alone a good QB in this league.

    Side Note – I think Houston makes a deep playoff run this year had they had their starting QB and Mario Williams.

  • jdp440

    Browns aren’t going to win a Super Bowl with McCoy, and it’s very unlikely they even make the postseason with him. I don’t know what team you watch on sundays but it sure isn’t the Browns or you would see his poor QB play.

    Sure you can blame the talent around him, but ultimately, the QB has to make plays regardless of his cast. He has not.

  • tbslim

    @jdp440What team were you watching? I watched every Browns game and I saw a QB struggle with NO team around him and incredibly poor play calling. Tom Brady, Eli Manning, or Aaron Rogers would not have faired any better with the Browns offensive cast. If you think Colt was the reason for the poor offensive performance then you are a moron.

  • tbslim


    So you would sell the farm and gamble on a guy that could just as easily be the next Akili Smith or Ryan Leaf. I might buy the hype if he had played against NFL caliber defensive talent like in the SEC and had been successful. And don’t tell me he beat Oklahoma. So did Colt in 2008 and Oklahoma was ranked #1. As a Browns fan, I’m glad you’re not running their draft.

  • tbslim

    @StevieZ @Shadylamp @jdp440

    All four of those QBs were on teams loaded with pro bowlers, and had hall of fame coaches. Put any one of them on the 2011 Browns team and they would struggle just like Colt.

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  • basketballjoe

    I think if they can move up in exchange for the 4th, 22nd, and a later pick or a pick next year – do it! This team needs exposive players that are a threat to score whenever they’re on the field. I’m not sold on Richardson that high, and if they didn’t take Jones last year why would they take Blackmon even higher this year? Not only is RGIII a real threat, but with some added talent ie: free agent WR or even a solid 2nd rounder, opposing D’s should be on their heels – or at least they won’t be able to load up the box on every down. Hillis or M. Bush running the ball wouldn’t hurt this offense either.

  • metalbuckeye

    @jdp440So by this logic Chris Chandler (1999), Kerry Collins and Trent Dilfer (2001), Brad Johnson and Rich Gannon (2003), Jake Delhomme (2004), and Rex Grossman (2007) were elite QB’s? They all led there teams to the Super Bowl…But they also had stout defenses, and offensive weapons around them.

  • jimbo102867


    Really Dilfer won a superbowl and McCoy is elite compared to him. Fact is RG3 has too long of an injury history and his play style will lead to more.

  • smccloud1

     @StevieZ How about the Rams? They won’t be bad for long if they get all the Browns pick though. Get a rip man! No QB could have functioned in that offense last year. I don’t know how many times i saw pass rushers run right by Pashos like he didn’t even see them and both the Guards were basically rookies. All the Backs were hurt and our best WR was a Rookie. Now throw in the fact the entire scheme was changed and they had no off season to work on it. What is wrong with you people? Are you fricking blind? I don’t know if Colt can do it yet or not. NOBODY DOES. Now the guards got some experience and hopefully we draft someone to play ROT. They need to draft a WR to develope but really need one that has experience in the WCO. Either sign Hillis or pick up another RB and hope four of them aren’t injured again. If the offense doesn’t show dramatic improvement by the end of the season then maybe they and we can tell if the problem is the QB.