Quarterback Controversy? Not for the Cleveland Browns

Make no mistake about it – Brandon Weeden is the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. Despite being selected with the 22nd overall pick in the NFL draft, there are still rumblings of a potential controversy brewing, especially if Colt McCoy stays on the roster.

But even if he does, general manager Tom Heckert has been as explicit as possible in letting the media know that the Browns did not draft the 28-year-old Weeden so he could sit on the bench.

So why would anyone think there is a quarterback controversy in Cleveland? Maybe it has something to do with the possibility that the team might be carrying four quarterbacks well into training camp and the preseason – Weeden, McCoy, Seneca Wallace, and Thad Lewis. In that regard, there might be a quarterback controversy, but it’ll only be for the backup job.

This phantom quarterback dilemma might end up being one of the reasons the team decides to eventually part ways with Colt McCoy. As long as he is on the team, many media members might not be able to resist the urge to write the easy “Who will they choose?” piece, stoking the fire the best they can, knowing that fans love a good quarterback competition.

But at the end of the day, it is Brandon Weeden who will step out onto the field in September, when the games finally begin to count in the standings. And while people in Cleveland aren’t necessarily used to the idea of knowing the starter in April and May, it’s something worth getting accustomed to.

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  • brwns_fan

    Make no doubt about it,  Brandon will COMPETE for the starting position.  Drafted at 22, he needs to PROVE he can cut the mustard.  Colt isn’t going to roll over because of something you say.  Colt will give him all he can handle.  If you want someone to run out of Cleveland, try Seneca.  He hasn’t been worth what they paid him, 2+ million.  Colt is less than 1million. clearly the better cap choice with a #3 pick to make cap happy..  Brandon was supposed to go in the third round, or be a reach in the second.  I’m glad we got him, but I want him to prove he has what it takes to pilot an NFL team, MY NFL team.  AND, until he IS ready, do what all rookies need to do, learn how the big boys do it.  Hey, Colt’s already faced down the Steelers, kept us in the game.  Drops prevented us from winning.  @ColtMcCoy  can’t catch the ball for the WR’s.

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  • ishwargill

     @brwns_fan weeden was not supposed to be a 3rd round, 2nd round reach, he was a 1-2 round draft choice, and if he was younger, possibly a top 10 prospect. Although mock drafts are all speculation, where are you basing this statement from? Shurmur was able to make a very productive QB out of the rookie Sam Bradford, but he needs a guy with the right pedigree, the right pieces. In today’s football, 1st round rookie QBs start.
    Yeah, Colt McCoy is not fully to blame for last year’s mishaps, and there were a lot of dropped passes from a rookie WR, but the coaching staff also saw a QB who lacked decision making, scrambled out of the pocket at a seconds chance, had limited vision, and didn’t throw a very catchable ball. They also so a QB who has been injured for multiple games both seasons.
    I love Colt McCoy, I think he is a standup guy with great intangibles, such as leadership ability and work ethic. But Weeden is a standup guy with the same intangibles, plus he has the skillset to be a much more effective QB at a pro level. In fact, Colt Mccoy is so lovable, I really think he should leave the browns because he will create a divided locker room because players will still want to support him. I know Joe Thomas loves blocking for Colt. I also know if Weeden struggles, browns fans will cry for the return of Colt, and we all remember the flip flopping of Derek Anderson versus Brady Quinn…you just can’t play when no one knows who is starting…

  • texline42

     @ishwargill So , the coaching staff saw a qb that couldn’t make decisions, but they failed to notice that Greg Little was second in the league in drops and the Browns led the league in drops? A catchable ball? If it hits their hands, it is a catchable ball.