Browns QB Brandon Weeden is the Starter, So Let's Move On

There is no way around it – Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden had a historically bad first start in the NFL. It is doubtful that anyone in Cleveland is trying to dispute that, including the Browns.

Like the changing of the seasons, though, an early quarterback controversy is all but guaranteed for this organization.

The thing is, this latest attempt at fostering some sort of controversy is simply a result of maniacal fans and the media looking to egg them on.

Let’s put it to rest right now: Brandon Weeden is the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, and that is not going to change anytime soon.

Despite the clamoring for Colt McCoy, one must keep in mind that the NFL season is one week old. It seems borderline insane to have  this discussion, but such is the general discourse in Cleveland. It’s also just as foolish to assume that every game will be as bad for Weeden.

No one is going to defend Weeden’s first start, but he was the 22nd overall pick in April. The Browns are hitching their wagon to him because they have already determined that McCoy isn’t the guy to get it done.

To go back now, so absurdly soon, would be a move with disastrous consequences. It would do nothing more than create a storm of speculation that would generate such a grating, unrelenting amount of attention in the city that a positive outcome simply would not be possible.

Many people were calling for McCoy to play in Sunday’s opener when it was obvious that Weeden was struggling mightily. With the game close – and the Browns even nursing a six-point lead at one point – McCoy could have come in to save the day. Or the outcome could have very easily been the same. After all, what about McCoy in the last two seasons suggested he would be such a difference?

Regardless, Brandon Weeden is and will continue to be the Browns’ starting quarterback. He deserves a real chance, which the team has decided to offer.

For now.

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  • Matt Smith

    “what about McCoy in the last two seasons suggested he would be such a difference?”

    Oh lets see…in Colt’s first start as a rookie he goes 23-35 for 281 yds and a TD against the Steelers in Pukesburd. There’s a big difference there. Also Colt has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to lead a drive down the field in crunch time. He has won or put his team in position to win in multiple games.

    Steve – I recommend you purchase NFL Rewind and do some homework before you write down you thoughts. It would be better if your thoughts were based on actually history.

  • ron read

    It is unreal anyone would want McCoy in. The guy has shown zero in 2 plus years. He doesn’t let his recievers ever make a play and he has zero arm strength. Do not down play arm strength. I love the kid but he is not NFL starter there is no debate on this. If you know football and watched you know he cannot get it done. Its Weeddens first NFL game… RELAX!!!!!! Give him atleast 5 but really 8 games and then the real evaluating of him can be done. One game people relax and lets see. Maybe its better to lose now so we can have Matt Barkley. :) Matt Smith is another one of those guys who can pick 1-2 games McCoy did ok in. I guess one late drive in a game we lost by the way doesn’t count. Again I love the kid MCCoy great person, tough as nails, but no NFL QB.

    • Matt Smith

      And Ron Read is another one of those guys who don’t do there homework and don’t know what they are saying. Comments like “Colt has shown zero in 2 plus years” or “has zero arm strength” are untrue and reveal the depth of Ron’s ignorance. Colt has won or has set up this team to win numerous football games. That is a fact not an opinion. Another fact is that Weeden was “historically” awful last Sunday and we would of had a better chance of winning if Colt had started or had replaced Weeden in the second half. Again a fact that only an ignorant or stupid person would disagree with. Now the same folks who told us that Weeden was ready to face the Eagles are saying Weeden is their choice against the Bengals this Sunday. I have one question. ARE WE TRYING TO WIN GAMES? If so then you start your more mobile and more experienced and less excitable QB (Colt). If it’s not to win games but to see if an unready Weeden can play QB in the NFL then start Weeden. I just want the Browns to win. We “Colt lovers” didn’t start this debate. Weeden’s god awful performance did. I don’t blame Weeden. I blame the coaches. Weeden wasn’t ready. He still isn’t ready. That being said in my heart I will hope and pray that Weeden goes 24-32 for 327 yrds and 4 TDs. And I hope Trent runs for 157 yrds and 2 TDs. GO BROWNS.

  • Dave

    I’m not a ‘Weedon’ or ‘McCoy’ supporter…..just looking for the Browns to take some steps back to where they are enjoyable to watch. My frustration is more with the coaching staff for giving the starting job to Weedon without him really working for it. Then….they did little in the preseason to prepare him for battle