Did the Browns’ Loss to the Cowboys Give You Hope for the Future?

Sunday’s loss for the Cleveland Browns was a painful one, which is really saying something. But in the 23-20 overtime thriller, the Browns once again showed that they are capable of playing well – at times – against what is deemed to be a superior opponent.

This has truly been a season of almosts; a few plays go the other way and the Browns are looking at a much different record.

But does that make you feel any better about the future of the franchise? Does this type of competitiveness without a payoff still make you believe that the Browns are heading in the right direction?

Does Sunday's Loss Give You Hope for the Browns' Future?

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  • http://twitter.com/SchuTangClan James Schumann

    how does losing to mediocre Dallas team inspire hope? The Browns still snatch defeat from the jaws of victory every time.