Browns WR Josh Gordon Suspended Two Games for Substance Abuse Violation

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon made it through his rookie season without getting in any trouble, and even established himself as the team’s go-to receiving threat.

His second NFL season is not off to such a great start.

Just days after being criticized for a fairly boneheaded tweet, Gordon has been suspended two games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. He will also be fined two additional game checks so, all in all, he will be losing out on $148, 894 this season.

According to Gordon, he tested positive after receiving cough medicine in order to treat his strep throat. The codeine in the medicine – which Gordon was apparently unaware of – is what made him test positive.

Gordon is, of course, no stranger to suspensions, and the Browns are no strangers to losing players to them. Last season, cornerback Joe Haden was suspended four games after testing positive for Adderall and the Browns lost every single one.

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  • paulbip

    Was he tested during his strep throat treatment? Codeine stays in the system for 1 to 4 days. If he was over strep throat, then he was swigging that crap to get high. It would be easy enough for any reported to find out if he’s lying.