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Why Not Tim Tebow with the Cleveland Browns?

I fully realize I might be stepping in it by writing this article.  But I feel like I have to ask this question.  While the Browns are looking for a back-up quarterback, why aren’t they considering Tim Tebow?

A few weeks back, this very question came up on ESPN Cleveland’s the Really Big Show with Tony Rizzo and Aaron Goldhammer.  Radio show host Rizzo did not want to talk about the subject, and was not in favor of Tebow coming to Cleveland.  But it was clear that listeners felt otherwise.  During the show, it was reported that texts, tweets and emails coming into the program overwhelmingly supported Tebow.  Callers to the show felt the same way.

Yet there’s no interest by the Browns.

Several NFL executives have said they don’t want to deal with his cult-like following.  It’s too much of a distraction.  To that I have one thing to say: Really?

Is that the best answer you can give as to why a star player isn’t playing?  And make no mistake: he is a star.  Look at the excitement he generates.  But it seems likes it’s that excitement that is keeping him from getting a job.

Since when does the league, or a team, not want excited fans?  What kind of pressure would a team really have to deal with if they signed Tebow?  Screaming fans on game day?  Chants to put Tebow in the game?  Is all of that really that difficult?  Shouldn’t the coaches in the NFL be able to deal with these things like that as professionals?  One of the reasons they make so much is because they’re expected to deal with all of that.

As I see it, bringing Tebow to Cleveland has some very definite advantages.

The Browns would instantly get national attention and excitement.  They would be in the national conversation as we try to make the playoffs.  It would energize the current fan base, and bring new fans to Cleveland football.  Just think of how the jerseys sales would skyrocket!

I think the move would make a big statement to the rest of the league, as well.  It would be a clear signal that the Browns don’t care what anyone else thinks.  We would be telling the nation to heck with all that other stuff, we just want to win, and we think Tebow can help with that.

Let’s be honest, whether you’re a fan of the guy or not, he has some definite upsides.  He’s been a winner his whole life.  He finds a way to get it done.  Remember his stunning success with the 2011 Denver Broncos?  Tebow was at the helm when that team stormed into the playoffs that year.

Besides a steady paycheck, there would be some big positives for Tebow, as well.  Getting to work with Rob Chudzinski and Norv Turner would help his maturation as a player.  The guy needs some coaching consistency in his professional career, and so far he hasn’t had that.  As far as his future, if he’s not the starter, so be it.  But with the help of Chud and Norv, he could become one of the best back-ups in the league.

To me, it’s a win-win.  But then, I don’t sign players for the Cleveland Browns.

I might be wrong, but it almost seems like Tebow has been black-balled by the NFL.  If that is the case, I really don’t understand why.  He’s a stand-up guy with real values.  Maybe it really is his throwing motion.  Or maybe people don’t like him talking publicly about his religion.

Whatever the reason, it seems like Tim Tebow, with his cult-like following, just might be too popular for the NFL.

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