Dec 22, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Cleveland Browns tight end MarQueis Gray (47) is unable to catch a pass against the New York Jets during the game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns vs New York Jets: Shame, Disappointment & Misery

Dec 22, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets wide receiver David Nelson (86) breaks a tackle by Cleveland Browns cornerback Jordan Poyer (33) during the second half at MetLife Stadium. The Jets defeated the Browns 24-13. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Many of you know me for my optimism, but today I struggle to find any.  Instead, I find only shame, disappointment and misery.  I do see a bright future for our Cleveland Browns, but if there was something positive to take away from this game, I don’t know what it could be.  Perhaps the utterly dismal play of Jason Campbell will show those faithful to him why we should move on, but this game was much worse than the struggles of any single player.

I have continually talked about the “fight” that our Browns have shown.  Today, the only fight I saw was on the opposite side of the ball.  We were outplayed.  We were outfought.  We lost, and we deserved to.

A common question today:  What is wrong with the Cleveland Browns?

My answer:  What isn’t?  I have had shoulder dislocations that were more enjoyable than this game.

I contribute this loss to a multitude of factors: dropped passes, missed tackles, third-down defense, third-down offense, Jason Campbell and the Jets running it down our throat.

In a comment following my last article, I defended the third-down defense of the Browns.  I certainly cannot do the same today.  I have complimented the fight, the fire, and the heart of our defense.  Today, I make no such claim.  We have much work to do.

To many, the loss is a blessing in disguise as it does not worsen our draft positioning, but for me, it is a shameful day to be a fan.  I cannot lift my head with the pride of a hard-fought battle.  I cannot defend any aspect of their play, with the exception of Edwin Baker and Josh Cooper.

Our defense was beat down, beat up, and beat up and down the field.  Nagging injuries and lack of depth certainly did not help, but they were simply beaten and beaten badly.

Our offense was hindered without Jordan Cameron, but once again I watched and waited for Jason Campbell to look for anything down the field.  Even with a flea-flicker and a wide open Josh Gordon with nothing but green in front of him, Campbell opted to give up on the play and took a sack instead.  Not to mention the interceptions, overthrown balls and widely missed passes.  At least with the shunned Brandon Weeden at the helm, we could look forward to record setting performances by Gordon and some downfield attack, in between the flips, bad decisions and turnovers, of course.

As I stated in a previous article, the two games in which Gordon recorded his record-breaking 498 receiving yards, Jason Campbell threw for 124 total yards.  Brandon Weeden on the other hand, threw for 579 total yards in those two games, one of which he only played a quarter and a half, plus a few seconds.  Perhaps we have shunned the wrong quarterback.

This week’s Dawg Poo: The whole stinking game!


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  • Michael J. McCabe

    Another pathetic showing,they’ll get hammered next week too.

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  • Letterman007

    I tried to tell you about the defense, how bad they were in the red zone and on third down plays!! Our attacking defense is no more!! No pressure, couldn’t stop the run, no interceptions from a QB that has thrown a plethora of them!! Coach Chud keeps saying its unacceptable and lacks execution! But they are getting worse and nowhere near better!! Are the coaches working with these guys, are they just not getting it, or do we need to get better coaches or may different players? I am worried about the loosing mentality and that being acceptable because there are no signs of any improvement, I see no discipline being handed out for VERY poor play! The lack of energy is very evident! Quite frankly they have the look of a team that is calling it in!!!

    • Backwoods

      Believe me, I thought of you often during the game. I have been impressed with our defense as a whole, prior to this game. A missing big man (Bryant) and a beat up Haden and Skrine did not help our cause, but a defense is much more than a few players. It was a horrible outing. I do wish that I could disagree this time, but I won’t even try. I hope that it was simply a bad game for many. To me it seemed as if they were beaten when they settled for the first field goal instead of a touchdown. A “If you can’t score, why try?” kind of thing. I guess we will see where there heart is next week. If they appear to be “calling it in” then, it will certainly be a long off season.

      • Letterman007

        I invite you to read the article in Bleacher Report out this week on the Browns defense by Will Burge as he explains in detail and with numbers just how bad the defense really is. It is interesting and says a lot about coach Horton, his predictability and the real troubles they are having!!! their scoring defense is BAD!! Right along with their red zone and third down D!!! I along with you hope a good offense will help, but they need to do something with the defense and it’s going to take three or four more players to straighten it out! They can’t afford that and get what they need on offense. I’m afraid it’s going to be a few more years before we sniff a AFC championship, let alone a Super Bowl !!!

  • Gary

    The Defense sucks.
    The Offense sucks.
    Special teams suck.

    And most importantly, Coaching sucks. How could a team who looked so good against Baltimore from all aspects of the game, lose 6 in a row and play nothing like they did in that last victory. On offense, it’s obviously the play calling. Or lack there of. Norv just refuse to use his best players and for some idiotic reason, runs right up the middle even though is hasn’t worked all season. It’s the same play calling game after game. They try the run for a little bit, then abandon it and go with the pass. As much as I had high hopes for Campbell, he simple doesn’t compete under pressure. He panics and makes way too many bad throws and decisions. The defense will play decent for half the game. Then go back to their “very soft zone” and can’t figure out how to stop the opposing team. This is coaching. This defense is way over rated.
    They give up 25 points a game and have no clue how to play tight defense or any kind of defense for a entire game. It seems there is no adjustments at all made after halftime. Week in, week out. What is disturbing is Coach Chuds remark about halftime adjustments he made earlier in the season. “Adjustments are over rated”. I have never heard a more ridiculous comment ever made by a coach in all my life.
    What does he think other coaches do after halftime when they find themselves trailing? They adjust.
    It’s been the same story for too many years now. These are supposed to be professionals.
    What a joke.
    What the hell does this team do? Find ways to lose.