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Browns coaching search: two SEC coaches are mentioned as candidates

Dec 7, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Auburn Tigers head coach Gus Malzahn celebrates after winning the 2013 SEC Championship game against the Missouri Tigers at Georgia Dome. Auburn won 59-42. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

In some surprising news, Jason LaCanfora has mentioned that the Cleveland Browns are interested in Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn and Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin.  While he still has Josh McDaniels heavily in the picture, LaCanfora has previously said he would be stunned if McDaniels did not get the job.  This sounds like McDaniels is certainly in the picture, but maybe not a lock.

Malzahn has done incredible things in college on offense with Auburn both as a head coach and offensive coordinator.  He was able to guide an offense led by Cam Newton to the National Championship and is now guiding a team that can run the ball almost exclusively and still have the other team not sure what to do about it.  While he and Chip Kelly run different offenses, they are in the same type of conversation as far as how people view them as innovative offensive minds.

Franklin has turned around a Commodore program and gotten them to heights they just do not seem to get.  He has been regarded as an extremely charismatic, grinder of a football coach, who has been linked to a number of big time college openings, but this might be the first NFL opening that has been linked to him.

The last time the Browns went with a college coach, it was by giving Butch Davis total control of the franchise, which proved to be a mistake.  He was able to put together some good coaching performances, but the general manager role was far too much for him to handle.

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  • Letterman007

    I’m not sure a college coach is the answer here? With the situation as it sits with the players, I think they need to bring in someone they would respect, someone who’s been there, in the pro ranks and can get these players back on track to do what they must do to win games. To put forth the effort to come together and form a quality team for a long while! Somebody the players will get motivated about and follow their lead!!

    • Pete Smith

      Who do you want to get the job?

      • Letterman007

        How about the second coming of Vince Lumbardi, at least he a name sake to Curly!! I was thinking Gruden or better yet Cowher!! Pay the money Mr. Haslam and get it right!! But they won’t come to this train wreck of an organization!! Quite frankly I’m almost convinced that this team will NEVER again be what they once were and I’ll bet the Great Paul Brown is turning over in his grave!!! I’m guessing the best they can do is what Mike came up with, Mcdaniels at coach and Mangini at Defensive Coordinator !

        • Pete Smith

          Gruden & Cowher… two of the most overrated coaches in NFL history who are how many years removed from coaching and now have an easy excuse to quit. No thank you. I saw that story play out with a Hall of Fame coach in Joe Gibbs.

          • Letterman007

            Overrated by who? There are plenty organizations that would like to have them!! They have rings, do you? Like I said, it makes no difference, neither would come to this fiasco of a mess!! Just when you think things couldn’t get worse, they do!! I don’t trust any of the three Stooges any farther than I could throw them!! The only thing they have proven is they haven’t a clue what they are doing!! There will be more, I hate to use the word surprises,down the line here and it will cost this team one way or another!!

          • Pete Smith

            So your argument is that I’m not qualified to be the coach of the Cleveland Browns then? I guess we should just go out and hire Brian Billick, because he has a Super Bowl ring too.
            I want no part of any of these guys who have an incredibly easy reason to quit and go back to making money doing TV for a fraction of the work.

          • Letterman007

            I wouldn’t hire you or me either! Nor would I like to see Biliick get hired! There have been too many college coaches that weren’t worth a crap in the pros. Butch Davis , the old Ball coach, Saban, a lot that you would think would do better. We just wasted a year here!! Don’t say they needed it to evaluate, because we both know what was wrong with the offense and defense at the end of last year! The coaches can look at films of last years games and determine the major weakness! We knew they needed a QB and if you didn’t you were blind! The FO created this folly of a year and we don’t need to have a few more. It would help if this FO had more credibility , but it lost a lot of that this year!!