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Well it’s that time of the year, when everyone starts to release their mock drafts to the world.  I will release one or two more as we get closer to the 2014 NFL draft in May.

Here is my first mock draft of the year(1.0) :


1. Teddy Bridgewater – Houston Texans

     College: Louisville Age:22 HT: 6’2 WT: 220 POS: QB

2. Jake Matthews – St. Louis Rams 

     College: Texas A&M Age:21 HT: 6’5 WT: 309 POS: OT

3. Jadeveon Clowney – Jacksonville Jag

     College: South Carolina Age: 20 HT: 6’5 WT: 274 POS: DE

4. Johnny Manziel – Cleveland Browns

     College: Texas A&M Age: 21 HT: 6’0 WT: 205 POS: QB

There has been plenty of talk the past week of the Browns interest in Manziel.  Could it be a smokescreen? Sure.  However, I have a feeling this is the player they covet at this spot and if they feel he may not be there at this pick, I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded up.  Personally, not sure any of these quarterbacks are worth giving up another first round pick(Number 26), but the front office may do whatever it takes to get “their” guy.

5. Blake Bortles – Oakland Raiders

     College: UCF Age: 21 HT: 6’4 WT: 230 POS:QB

6. Anthony Barr – Atlanta Falcons

     College: UCLA Age:21 HT:6’4 WT: 248 POS: OLB/DE

7. Stephon Tuitt – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

     College: Notre Dame Age: 21 HT: 6’6 WT: 310 POS: DE

8. Sammy Watkins – Minnesota Vikings

     College: Clemson Age: 20 HT: 6’1 WT: 205 POS: WR

9. Greg Robinson – Buffalo Bills

     College: Auburn Age: 21 HT: 6’5 WT: 320 POS: OT

10. Mike Evans – Detroit Lions

        College: Texas A&M Age: 21 HT: 6’5 225 POS: WR

11. Kyle Van Noy – Tennessee Titans

       College: BYU Age: 23 HT: 6’3 WT: 245 POS: OLB

12. Darqueze Dennard – New York Giants

       College: Michigan St Age: 22 HT: 5’11 WT: 197 POS: CB

13. Khalil Mack – St. Louis Rams

       College: Buffalo Age: 22 HT: 6’3 WT: 245 POS: OLB

14. Louis Nixx III – Chicago Bears

       College: Notre Dame Age: 22 HT: 6’3 WT: 345 POS: DT

15. Antonio Richardson – Pitt Steelers

       College: Tennessee Age: 21 HT: 6’6 WT: 327 POS: OT

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