Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Bill Callahan prior to the game against the Green Bay Packers at AT

Browns could target Bill Callahan for offensive coordinator per Albert Breer

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, if the Dallas Cowboys end up hiring Scott Linehan to run their offense, the Cleveland Browns could go after Bill Callahan to run theirs.  Callahan has been part of the staff that has been able to put up some explosive offenses but has been heavily criticized for their running game and their unwillingness to use it.  Much of that has been attributed to Jason Garrett, the Cowboys’ head coach, but it is nevertheless a question for the former head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

The good news, should this happen, is that Callahan’s background is as an offensive line coach and the Browns could use all the expertise in that area as they work to develop some of the young linemen they have on their roster, such as Garrett Gilkey, Martin Wallace and Chris Faulk.

Callahan also has experience as a head coach, which Mike Pettine has said he has been hoping to add to his staff.  There are a few moving parts in all of this, but Callahan appears to at least be on the radar.

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  • Jeff

    I like the idea of Callahan. The Raiders, with Callahan as OC, posted rushing totals of 1727 (3.8 ypc), 2084 (4.3 ypc), 2470 (4.8 ypc), 1654 (3.7 ypc – Wheatley was out for much of the year). Gruden has often tended to favor pass heavy offenses, just like Garrett, though Gannon went wild in Callahan’s first year as HC with Trestman as the OC. They did recover to run for over 1700 yards. They ran for 1822 in his last year, despite a terrible season. Only twice as Callahan as OC or HC did the Raiders average less than 4.3 ypc. The passing game also put up some strong numbers during that time, but the attacks were generally fairly balanced in football terms (3800 yards passing, 1800-2000 yards rushing).
    The Cowboys definitely did not run as often, though the ypc was quite good this year (4.5) after being bad last year (3.6). The Cowboys also gained 300 more yards on the ground. There is an argument to be made that Callahan helped to improve the run in Dallas and was able to be most effective in his second year.
    It should be noted that Callahan and Pettine worked together for three years in the Jets’ staff. Callahan was the OL coach and the AHC. He might serve the same function he did in Dallas if he’s hired by the Browns – OL and OC. He’s a good OL coach and I think a very good OC.

    • Pridenpoise

      Callahan is a bum, and that’s a fact, you can throw up all those statistics from when he was with Oakland, but that was more of a product of Gruden and Gannon, not Callahan. Witness the Raiders collapse into the Abyss just two years into Callahans reign as HC. He also didn’t fare very well in Nebraska.

      • Jeff

        Firstly, he is not applying for HC (and isn’t likely coming anyways). Second, the tanking in his second year was more due to the problems with the aging roster and spiraling salary cap problems – something Callahan wanted to fix. Some of the older players (Tim Brown, etc) felt that Callahan managed his second season so it’d be easier to cut many of the older players and rebuild. Gruden actually didn’t do as much playcalling with Callahan there. He helped build the offense, but he’s more of a throwing coach. Callahan ran it quite a bit. Gruden got out because of the aging roster.
        Callahan had a 55.1% winning percentage at Nebraska. His problem at Nebraska centered around his inability to build a defense. The Cornhuskers set some of their all-time offensive records with him at the helm, but he couldn’t figure out the D. He did win a Big XII North division title once there, but struggled to rebuild after the Solich era. Nebraska was largely rudderless after Osborne left. Solich did pretty well, but their standards were super high.
        He then has run Dallas’ offense for two years and Garrett has been restricted as to how much he can influence the offense. He guided them into being the #5 scoring offense in the NFL this year, averaging 27.4 points per game. They scored the most points per yards gained outside of Denver – meaning their offense was extremely efficient at scoring. I believe they had the second most efficient red zone offense in the NFL.

        • Pridenpoise

          If he’s good he wouldn’t be on the hot seat again, and he would have been smart enough to know that Gruden knew the Raiders playbook front to back, and should have made big changes to it when they were facing the Bucs in the Supwr Bowl. He’s a Dumb shit, and has never won anything substantial.