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Cleveland Browns and Mark Sanchez? Please be kidding

The Cleveland Browns have successfully catapulted the horrific bust of a quarterback Brandon Weeden out of Cleveland.  And God bless him, the Dallas Cowboys have signed him to a two-year contract.  Why is beyond a mystery as he has no business being in the league.  So, the New York Jets have released their horrific bust of a quarterback in Mark Sanchez who was completely kept in tact this long by smoke and mirrors, but nevertheless, there are people who are advocating the idea of bringing him to the Browns.  They should have just kept Weeden.

Weeden, as bad as he was, has been just as good if not better than Sanchez.  Yes, Sanchez’s weapons were not great, but he his best year had him completing just 56.7% of his passes, an average of just 6.4 yards per attempt, 26 touchdowns and 18 interceptions.  And when fumbles are added in, (insert butt fumble joke here), Sanchez had 10 fumbles that season;  the second lowest total of his career.  His career level of incompetence is remarkable.  In just 4 seasons and 62 career games, Sanchez has thrown 69 interceptions and fumbled the ball 43 times.

The Jets went to the AFC Championship twice dragging Sanchez and his mediocre at best play behind them.  For whatever reason, this idea that simply going to the playoffs makes a quarterback somehow worthwhile despite all logic and evidence (see: Tebow, Tim).

At the same time, Rex Grossman’s past in the playoffs does not seem to crack through that barrier.  Grossman was the quarterback for the Chicago Bears when they went to the Super Bowl, but he is not given the benefit of the doubt that Sanchez and Tebow have gotten.  None of the three can play and if any of them see the field, the Browns or any team is basically screwed, but somehow Grossman is anathema while Sanchez is a realistic option.  Both were first round picks.  Both were a part of a team that had playoff success.  Both are available and could be had for little or nothing, yet Grossman is a bum and Sanchez somehow would bring value to the Browns and warrants a look.

There are certain elements that watch or cover the Browns that are interested in any awful quarterback they can find.  They know his name, so he must be able to play.  Somehow, the rest of the NFL’s trash is going to be the Browns treasure and if they plant enough magic beans, they will get something for it.  Anyone who is advocating the idea that Sanchez has some value here has to explain what Sanchez does for a team that does not invoke the two AFC Championships.  The Super Bowl would seemingly trump the AFC Championship, so if that is all a person can muster, Grossman should be the guy.

At least Grossman has familiarity to Kyle Shanahan, who is reported to have really liked Grossman as the third string quarterback in Washington.  He had no interest in seeing him play, but he liked him.  Grossman at least knows the offense so he might provide a benefit from that standpoint.  That would be more than Sanchez would bring.  If the goal is to turn the ball over at an incredible rate, Sanchez is the man for the job.  If the goal is to find someone who would actually bring some value to the team, they were better off sticking with Weeden or signing Grossman.  Anyone advocating Sanchez should simply be ignored.

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