Jan 1, 2014; Orlando, FL, USA; South Carolina Gamecocks quarterback Connor Shaw (14) looks downfield to pass in the second quarter against the Wisconsin Badgers in the Capital One Bowl at Florida Citrus Bowl. Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Browns: 8th Round of the NFL Draft: Undrafted Free Agents

When the third day of the draft gets going, teams get on the phones with players that could possibly go undrafted and start trying to negotiate getting them to come to a tryout or just sign them as priority free agents.  The guys over at DraftBrowns do a great job with tracking the guys that are reportedly going to get a shot to make the roster of the Cleveland Browns, so here is a link to their list they continue to update.

Two names will jump out at most people.  The first might be Isaiah Crowell, the former Georgia running back.  Crowell was the top running back coming out of high school and was tremendous in his freshman year in Athens.  After being kicked out of Georgia for running guns of all things, he went to Alabama State to finish out his career.  Reportedly, his head coach there was not all that upset to see him leave either, but if he can keep his head on straight, he can not only make the roster for the Browns, he could make an impact.  However, he may not be able to stay focused on football long enough to show that talent.

The second player that might jump off of that list is Connor Shaw, the former South Carolina quarterback.  Of all of the guys the Browns have agreed to bring in and Shaw has confirmed himself that he is coming to Cleveland, I think Shaw has the best chance to have a meaningful role.

The Browns signed Tyler Thigpen and Vince Young after tryouts, so along with Alex Tanney, these will be the guys Shaw is competing with to see if he can stick on the roster.  Shaw was incredibly efficient while at South Carolina, throwing just one interception this past season.  He has good mobility, can throw accurate and plays similarly in terms of style to Johnny Manziel.  After evaluating Shaw (found here), I came to the conclusion that the team that drafted Manziel would be smart to get Shaw along with him.  The Browns have done just that.

The advantage with Shaw is that in a situation where he has to come into the game for Manziel, the Browns can keep the exact same playbook.  While Shaw did not get nearly the press clippings as Manziel, he was a big reason that the Gamecocks were able to finish substantially better than Texas A&M did in the SEC, finishing the season 11-2.  Undrafted free agents tend to get overlooked by most fans but they can have a big impact on a roster.  I think Shaw could be a great value for the Browns as a backup for Manziel over the long term.

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  • V. C. Evans Sr.

    With all the Johnny Manziel press (HYPE)…… Don’t give up on Vince Young just yet….
    The Cleveland Browns signed VINCE YOUNG” to compete for the QB job…..
    CLEVELAND, you may have just found some “Texas Tea” (Black Gold) in Vince Young…If you are willing to utilize his strengths, there is no telling how far the Browns can go…. Vince is motivated and determined to show he can play this game at a high level…. His career record of 31-19 tells you he know how to WIN games…
    Vince is 6 feet 5, bigger, stronger, faster and is a proven talent in the NFL…

    • trinity

      I really think it’s over for Vince young. He is 30 now and I think the time for him has come and gone. He had his chance and he blew it. Couldn’t handle things from a mental standpoint. And it sucks because i think he really wants to start again. But I think it’s too late. If I were Cleveland, I would go forward with who I drafted rather than holding everything up to go backward.

      • Brian Hinson

        Several terrible calls. On Vince and on “going forward with who they drafted.” Did you forget what happened the last two rookie QBs they started right away?

        • Letterman007

          They cut Young and a few other people today including the kid they got from Dallas!

        • trinity

          No I didn’t forget. Did you forget what happened with Vince the last time he was “given a chance”?. And the key word in all you’ve said is “drafted”. Vince has been at this for a long time now. Why would a team go backward to give a chance to an old guy who you already know is prone to meltdowns? If that’s your opinion, then cool. Luckily coaches and GMs are smart enough to disagree.

          And yes, it’s over. Look around. Is he employed anywhere? No. He likely won’t be again.

      • Brian Hinson

        Also, you say it’s too late for him at 30? Did you forget they drafted a 28 year old QB?

  • Josh Hart

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Crowell beat out both West and Tate for the job. So much talent, just a bonehead like Gordon.

  • Letterman007

    I’ve been saying the same thing for a month and a half! Shaw is a great pick up, a coaches kid and good football mind! He is Manziel with out the hype!! Now if he just had someone to throw to that could catch?