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Browns: Gordon Suspension Won't Stop Manziel Momentum Shift

Normally the Josh Gordon suspension story would be the talk of Browns town, another feather in the cap of “the curse”. How typical would it be that as steel mill and auto plant productions were trending down and Northeast Ohioans were being laid off, the “Factory of Sadness” would be churning out one of its greatest works yet – a well-timed kick to the you know what just to make sure that Browns’ fans were reminded that they need not get used to that strange feeling that came over them on May 8th, when the chips fell our way and we “pulled the trigger” (nice call Jimmy) and drafted Manziel – the feeling of hope.  Yes, it all seemed too good to be true. We landed Manziel and unlike the other quarterbacks who had been sucked in by the Factory as elite football players and spit out as broadcaster hopefuls and legendary highschool football coaches, this time it was different, Manziel had weapons. The biggest of those weapons being of course, the super talented Josh Gordon. Yes! Finally. Finally. Finally. We are back!

Then I went to sleep and woke up the next day to find out two things, one was that you shouldn’t drink more than three shots of tequila in any one sitting, Superbowl win celebration exempt, and two, is that our main weapon, was good at two things, number one, catching the football, and two, “allegedly, no names please”, hitting the peace pipe. Damn it, if proved to be true, gone for a year. Ironic that Gordon’s alleged buzz was to become the buzz kill of a nation of Browns’ fans – his toke, our joke. The same guys who were patting us on the back the night before prepping to jump on the band wagon (yeah, I know who you are), were back to their old selves bringing down our beloved Browns. The same old Browns, right?

Wrong. It is not the same old Browns and better yet, it is not the same old Browns fans. Gentlemen, we are done stepping in the pile. We have Johnny, who according to reports petitioned to be here, and worked with a QB coach in the off-season from Ohio who sold him on Cleveland. Manziel wants to tear up the league. That is called attitude, and Mike Pettine has been beating that drum since he walked in the door. Play like a Brown, have some pride. Tough. Competitive. Hard working. Team oriented. Sound like anyone you know? Sounds like us doesn’t it. The Dog Pound was built on attitude. The greatest memories we have as Browns fans are tied to that, as we call it now, swag. Ask Hanford Dixon and Frank Minnifield if they know what “swag” means. Those guys had confidence and they parlayed that into the pound. Johnny Manziel brings that to the table, but only as the figurehead. This team is powder keg ready to ignite and the suspension of Josh Gordon is a bump on the road to victory.

The message sent by the front office was clear, no one man is greater than the whole. These guys are dialed in and the new rule is next man up. If Josh Gordon doesn’t want to be paid millions of dollars to catch a football the Browns will find someone who does. That’s it. Josh Gordon, I hope you reel it in, but in the meantime, step aside we need to go win some football games. And as for those of you talking curse out there, your belief in it is what allows it to exist. I’ve got news for you children, Santa Claus isn’t real. But Johnny Manziel and these Cleveland Browns are real.

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  • Sam Gold

    Good stuff here. Welcome.

  • Brandon Willis

    Nice article. Manziel to Gordon would’ve been great to hear on Sundays. Hopefully he only gets suspended half the year.

  • Richard Ciesielski

    All in time, don’t sell Hoyer short. It seems that everyone forgets he wasn’t that bad, and this year he’ll have more to work with, different recievers and RUNNINGBACKS , LOL, remember runningbacks ? Haslam is opening up the purse strings this year, I think thats the part of the “change” everyone feels too. We’re Cleveland, owners don’t normally pay people to stay here and Haslam is doing that. Imagine if the Indians would have kept Manny, or any of the ones who wanted more and didn’t get it here. Its funny, our teams roster changes so much not even NFL.COM can keep up with us,even SI hasn’t updated our roster since 2/4/14. Even if Gordon is out, or even if he wouldn’t have messed up, he was part of a team. Hoyer didn’t get hurt last year trying to play it safe he was playing like a Brown, that counts for something. Even before the draft and knowing what we know now people like me were saying we needed another WR, at least now Haslam’s bringing them in, but don’t sell Hoyer short. Manziel seems like a great kid with a lot of potential but the same thing can happen to him like it did Hoyer. Really they’re bringing in more hands and thats what we need, think to last year, a lot of Weedens passes were catchible..
    I feel like this year we’re going to have at least 3 more wins and thats just because of the changes on the offensive side of the ball. I see us better on offense this year than the Steelers defense, the Jags, the Ravens, the Falcons, Panthers, the Bills and the Raiders. The Saints are going to be tough, I’m not sure how we line up with the Bengals and the Colts or Texans or the Bucs but thats when our defense should pay off if everyones healthy. Its going to be a fun year and a great battle for Ohio.

  • James Michael

    Santa Claus ain’t real, but Argenti is the new voice of the Dawg Pound. You want to talk about “a buzz being a buzz kill for ‘the curse?’” Step aside Grossi, and stop spamming everyone with nonsense Kay Cabot, because a brilliant, candid and powerful voice has emerged to rally the sleeping giant of Cleveland. Does your head hurt, fair-weather fan? That’s because your brain juices are flowing. No more crap from so-called analysts: this is badass writing of the highest form of swag poetry. And to a Browns fan, this is the call to arms.

    • John Duquette

      I cannot tell a lie after the 1st day of the draft I was pissed but with semi-sober 2nd thought I am pumped.
      Mr. Argenti keep talking it up, we are Browns we are strong and junkyard dog mean.

  • Michael

    Argenti , keep it coming love your style!

  • steve

    anyone wanna bet who wins the starting QB job?