2002 NFL Draft 1st Rd. QB Comps: Should Johnny Manziel Sit This Year?

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Data Summary

These 3 QBs all started during their rookie seasons and will provide data in that category. The first year data will get a 1.0 and two 2.0s while the 3 year span will add two 1.0s and a 2.0 and finally the Career category will add three 1.0s. These 3 QBs will bring down the data in all 3 areas most likely.


The 2002 Draft is a bad draft but could it be a sign of things with Manziel. All 3 QBs were seen as possible starters after some development but failed to be given time to develop. Harrington and Ramsey in particular were thought to have some skills with their legs as well as their arm but were not successful. None played at the type of big school that Manziel did so his experience is much better. When the final data is put together this draft could have a huge impact on the results. If one were to only look at this draft the argument is clear that Manziel should sit for the year. Yet that is why we are doing the full scope from 1999 till last year.

Does this draft concern you as you look at Manziel possibly starting this year?

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