2003 NFL Draft 1st Rd. QB Comps: Should Johnny Manziel Sit This Year?

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Data Summary

3 of the 4 QBs from this draft started their rookie years. The only one who didn’t, Palmer, had the best first 3 years and career of them all. The rest dabbled in the C and D range. The data from this year will skew both groups. Palmer’s grades will push the “Didn’t start as rookie group” up and the other 3 will pull the “Started as a rookie group” down.


Carson Palmer might be the best argument for Johnny Manziel sitting that we will find. His competition, Brian Hoyer, also is similar to John Kitna, the guy who kept Palmer on the bench. Neither Kitna or Hoyer present as long term answers for their teams, though Hoyer could be a surprise. Yet the Bengals, back when they were very dysfunctional, were willing to let Palmer learn and not push him too quickly. Leftwich, Boller and Grossman are all sad examples of that not working. It doesn’t mean Manziel could become Palmer if he doesn’t start or will become the other 3 if he does, but it does raise red flags.

Does the Palmer example encourage you to want Manziel to sit?

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