Jim Sorgi – Apparently a Titans Fan

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Welcome to Dawg Pound Daily! However, I wish that this introductory post could be much more enthused, or perhaps coming at a better time for Browns fans everywhere. And, unfortunately, I’ve still got to talk about the fact that the Browns once again missed out on the playoffs. The only difference this time was that the team finished 10-6, a very respectable record and one that did not leave fans thinking about April’s Draft only halfway through the season.

For more about me, let’s put it this way: I am a die-hard Browns fan like so many other people. If a successful, enjoyable weekend hinges solely

on the Browns’ performance each Sunday, then you and I would surely get along. If Cleveland’s bye week leaves a gaping void in your soul, then we’ll be just fine. As someone who enjoys writing (and attending college to pursue a career in that department), I can only hope to bring you Browns coverage the best way that I can think of. This is going to be unique – but no less informative – than anything else that you find. I’m just as excited about starting this as I am about the potential of the Browns in the next few seasons. After all, the whispers of the Browns being “Super Bowl-bound” have actually begun to creep up.

As you very well may know already, the Browns won on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers, 20-7. It didn’t matter though, as their playoff fate rested solely with the performance of the Indianapolis Colts against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday night. Jim Sorgi, the Colts’ backup QB with the absolute easiest job in the history of the world, couldn’t get the job done with the Colts’ offensive scrubs. Tony Dungy called and asked if I wouldn’t mind filling in so no one precious would get hurt, but I declined.

What particularly sucks is that the Browns were relying on someone else to help them get into the playoffs. I’m not going to just come out and say Derek Anderson’s performance in the Bengals loss was the reason for why they were put in that position, because without him we might be looking at another top-5 pick. In other words, people should probably cut the guy some slack. But the growing sense is that four interceptions in one important game is a great way to potentially play yourself out of a city. Fans want Brady Quinn to play and they may get their wish next season, along with the addition of some solid rookies, courtesy of whatever team is willing to give up some draft picks for Anderson. Personally, I’d hate to see Anderson go so soon, because the cohesiveness that was created with the offense this year sometimes takes years to formulate. It’s an underrated accomplishment that should garner some consideration this off-season when GM Phil Savage has some big decisions to make.