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Chudzinski to Interview with Ravens


Offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski will interview for the Baltimore Ravens’ head-coaching job, left vacant by the fired Brian Billick.  Chud helped lead the normally cellar-dwelling offense of the Browns to one of the best in the NFL.  It would be a shame to see him go, especially to the Ravens.  Additionally, the rumors are still out there that Romeo Crennel is being approached about the coaching position in Miami.  At Crennel’s age, and considering the good foundations in place in Cleveland, it would be foolish to start over with another team that has imploded beyond recognition and is going through the painful stages of rebuilding.

On another note, Derek Anderson thinks he can coexist with Brady Quinn.  Only in a perfect world would Brady Quinn sit there on the bench, watching happily as Anderson leads the Browns to its first Super Bowl ever.  And with no grinding teeth.  Or a plan to put a hit on Anderson.