Learning to Enjoy the Off-Season


The battle for Romeo Crennel’s soul – okay, so it’s just contract negotiations – is still raging on. And when I say raging on, I mean that Phil Savage and Crennel’s agent, Joe Linta, met for a positive discussion about a possible multi-year extension. The excitement of the off-season is in full swing!

But seriously, there is a lot to like about the off-season. Not only do football fans get to recharge their batteries, but we also get to look at the upcoming draft, watch our teams dip their hands into the free agent pool, and witness the various ways in which teams (in this case, the Browns) can improve. The picture below indicates what kind of fun players are able to have when they’re not playing.

Get out there and enjoy yourself. If Brady Quinn can have fun with Bret Michaels, goofing around and giggling all day long in the off-season, so can you. And yes, I do realize this was taken last summer, but it’s “Rock of Love” time once again, so in some way, this felt right.