Like I Said…the Giants Will Win…


Congratulations to the New York Giants on an upset that people will never stop talking about, until the next most-hated team ever surfaces.  So much for my prediction – I always had this thought in the back of my mind that the Giants truly had the personnel to pull off the upset.  Plus, it was the kind of team that was playing out of its mind at the right time.  As always, I didn’t act on that thought and I made the wrong decision – the very wrong decision in this case.  It’s a good thing seppuku isn’t the way of dealing with being wrong in this time period.  For coverage on the Giants, check out G-Men HQ.

Looking ahead to 2008, it looks like there is potential for a game of trash talk to bud between The Landry Hat and me.  He predicts the Cowboys will win 37-20.  This should be fun.