Random Stuff; Anderson Talks Stalled


I haven’t posted a video on here in a little bit and with the Pro Bowl coming up this weekend, I figured I would put up a 2007 highlight video. While the quality leaves a little to be desired (I hate squinting!), this does the job in getting me pumped up for next season. My only wish in the whole wide world is for you to enjoy it too.

– Here’s an interesting post about the potential for a Romeo Crennel suspension due to the blossoming “Spygate” (I absolutely hate saying that ridiculous name, as if this is some political disaster – why is Congress getting involved?!) scandal.

Derek Anderson contract update: Not much to report here, other than the fact that talks have basically come to a standstill. Anderson wants a long-term deal in the range of five years, and the Browns aren’t willing to give him that or anything near what he wants money-wise. That post I wrote in January about D.A. “no longer being a Brownie in 2008” seems to fluctuate with potential truth every single day.