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Brady Quinn’s Poor Attempt at Building an Image


By now, you know that quarterback Brady Quinn was involved in an incident in Columbus on New Year’s Eve (or early New Year’s Day – whatever you want to call it).  In a 9-1-1 call, someone named Seth Harris explains to the operator that “Brady Quinn of the Cleveland Browns” was yelling gay slurs to passers-by during the course of the night.  So, instead of beginning the discussion of who the Browns should start in 2008, we get to talk about Brady’s apparent anti-gay behavior.

I’m trying to like Brady because he plays for the Browns, but I never liked him when he played at Notre Dame.  That smug face and arrogant attitude reminded me of the worst kind of frat guys – the hard drinking dicks of the college community.  I apologize for the strong language but this is some really poor judgment on Quinn’s part.  He isn’t just the popular quarterback of the university anymore; he now represents an entire organization and is well on his way to earning millions of dollars while hopefully gaining the respect and admiration of young people everywhere.  How these athletes constantly forget this or disregard it is something I will never understand.

Say what you want about Derek Anderson, but at least he knows to just play the game.  He lets his game do the talking, even if it is starting to draw the ire of an increasing number of fans.  Quinn cannot seem to stay quiet during the offseason, even though he is currently training “out west,” maybe offending more people out there.  There is something about character issues that really gets under my skin when it comes to athletes.  Pictures with Bret Michaels are harmless, funny even, but this is embarrassing – not just for Quinn, but for the entire Browns organization.  And, unfortunately, this is a spiel that everyone has heard before.

Rather than simply saying “no comment,” an apology should be coming out of this soon.  Sorry, Seth Harris, that the holier-than-thou, meathead attitude in some football players is too embedded to ever fully leave.