Browns Looking to Add WR Bernard Berrian


Should the Chicago Bears’ wide receiver Bernard Berrian become a free agent on the 29th, you can bet that the Browns will be hot on his trail.  He’s looking for over $20 million over the first three years of his new deal, but he would be a superb complement to Braylon Edwards.  The wide receiver position is not the largest concern the Browns have, but addressing this need in free agency would be ideal, because the focus of the draft should be on defense, defense, defense.

It wouldn’t matter if Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, or Kermit the Frog (yes, I wrote his name in bold – rumor has it that the Panthers are giving him a look) were throwing the ball; when you have Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow, and possibly Bernard Berrian as targets, there is little chance to screw it up.  It’s scary to think how much better the Browns’ offense could be if another great receiver were to line up.

Apparently, however, a five-year offer from the Bears “was unacceptable” to Berrian.  Therefore, if he signs with Cleveland, get used to him being in brown and orange.  Then we can get used to complaining about him at some point (it always ends up that way, doesn’t it?), lamenting the fact that he was signed to a seven-year deal.

– On another note, the Browns have expressed some interest in cornerback Asante Samuel.  The only drawback is that he would be expecting a “blockbuster deal.”