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More Money, Same Years for Anderson


The Browns have upped the ante just a bit, now offering quarterback Derek Anderson a three-year deal worth $20 million, with $10 million guaranteed. The original offer on the table was three years and $16 million, with $11 million guaranteed. However, he turned it down and the two sides were forced to go back to the drawing board.

This new offer actually guarantees less money to Anderson, but it gives him the opportunity to earn a little more in the long run. The reason that a deal hasn’t already been done is partly because he is expecting the same kind of deal in line with what Tony Romo got. But he won’t be getting $67 million from the Browns, and I’m not sure any team is desperate enough yet to offer a contract like that to Derek Anderson right now.

Anderson has also been fishing around for more stability than just three years. Unfortunately for the Browns, he’s not an idiot. He realizes that the fan base is shaking with anticipation for Brady Quinn and a guy with a three-year deal is much easier to dispose of than someone with a six or seven-year contract with Tony Romo money.

Derek Anderson should just take the deal. Instead of worrying about money, why not focus on what’s happening on the field? After all, Brady will be stuck in the same place if Anderson continues to produce at a level fit for the Pro Bowl. Should he fail, the Browns could move him and he would be going to a new team anyway; quarterbacks are always highly valued. Unless he suffers some catastrophic injury, this won’t be the first major contract offer he receives.

Ten million dollars guaranteed? Just take it.