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Looks Like the Browns Won’t Nab Bernard Berrian


Apparently, the Vikings and Titans are two teams looking to bid for Berrian’s services.  As the front-runners in these particular sweepstakes, one would think that the Browns would be out of the race.  It’s not like the team doesn’t have enough cap space.  The team just isn’t willing to get into a bidding war with anyone.

The snag all along was going to be the blockbuster deal that Berrian would most assuredly be requesting.  Even with over $32 million to spend in free agency, Cleveland isn’t going to play that game.  A second wide receiver to complement Braylon Edwards is still a need, but there are bigger problems – namely, the defense.

Let Berrian sign with Minnesota or Tennessee.  If the Browns were going to spend big money, I would want it to be on someone like linebacker Lance Briggs.