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Anderson Declines; the Brady Quinn Era to Begin


It didn’t take long for Derek Anderson to decline the Browns’ offer of three-years, $20 million and become a restricted free agent. Only the Browns would discover a Pro Bowl quarterback, capitalize on his arm one year, and then lose him the very next season. However, there is an actual plan in place here. Through shrewd tactics, Phil Savage managed to be the good guy by offering a contract, even though it was nowhere near what Anderson wanted. And the result will most likely be a first and third-round draft pick in April’s draft.

This comes at a good time, and Savage better hope some team will take Anderson off his hands (he has to know some team is definitely going to sign DA), because the Browns just gave up their second-round pick to the Green Bay Packers. They acquired defensive lineman Corey Williams, and will be required to sign him to a multi-year deal.