Anderson Off the Market Quickly


Let’s pretend some of that last post never happened.  If things stay this way, the Brady Quinn era will not begin in 2008.  The news now is that Derek Anderson and the Browns have reached a three-year, $26 million deal with $14.5 guaranteed (including his $1 million roster bonus).

With the addition of DL Corey Williams, the Browns are left without a first or second-round pick.  So there has to be something else to this, right?  Right?  This has to be a sign-and-trade, because there is no way this is what Phil Savage wants – a quarterback controversy and no picks in the first two rounds.  All he’s been doing this offseason is emphasizing the importance of getting back in the first round and was “excited” by the possibility of getting back in there.

This doesn’t prove anything to me.  Something else is going to come out of this.