D’Qwell Jackson Primed for Great ’08


Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports thinks so, at least.  By choosing one player from each team, Robinson picked 32 players capable of raising their games to another level in 2008.  For the Browns, it was linebacker D’Qwell Jackson:

"Jackson has already developed into a solid middle linebacker after only two seasons. But with the offseason pickups of Shaun Rogers and Corey Williams, Jackson has something he’s never had: beef on the defensive line that can tie up blockers and give Jackson plenty of space to rack up tackles. This time next year, Jackson’s tackle numbers could be near the top of the AFC."

All of the Browns’ linebackers are going to benefit from the improved defensive line, that’s for sure.  Like I said before, the front seven is going to be solid for the most part.  The pressure will be on the secondary.