Losing Chaun Thompson Puts Browns Back in Free Agency


Phil Savage would have been content signing Chaun Thompson in an attempt to help solidify the linebacking corps.  However, he just signed with the Houston Texans for a chance to start, and I can’t blame him.  “Say Chaun, would you like to rarely, if ever, start in Cleveland or start near your hometown?”  Yeah, so good luck to Chaun.

However, that puts the Browns into a bit of trouble.  With an improved defensive line, the team needs to address its linebackers.  Without Thompson, the team now has to dip its hands back into the cookie jar of free agency, and hopefully it yields some positive returns.  The team met with Al Wilson this past week, but he left Cleveland without a contract.  Despite his injury history, he would be a strong addition for the Browns, especially for his leadership capabilities.

There has been some talk about the Browns pursuing LB Clark Haggans, but apparently there is little interest in him at the moment.  He could, however, fit in nicely with the Browns, considering his past experience in the 3-4.  There is also a chance that Cleveland could sign DE Kalimba Edwards and convert him into a left outside linebacker.  Rosevelt Colvin also remains an option.  Either way, the Browns need to turn to start working some magic and get somebody, anybody.