nab Clark Haggans nab Clark Haggans

Clark Haggans Supposedly Visiting This Week


Whether or not the Browns nab Clark Haggans will paint the picture for the rest of the team’s offseason.  If he visits and leaves Cleveland with a new contract, then you can believe that the Browns will essentially be done with free agency.  It would be worth it to take another look at Rosevelt Colvin as well.  It’s not like he has nothing left in the tank and he certainly knows how to handle success.  There needs to be a presence like that in the locker room.  Besides, maybe Willie McGinest will see Colvin line up with him and think they’re still on the Patriots, playing for the Super Bowl.  You just have to consider this from all angles.

At first, it was easier finding negative reviews of the Browns’ free agent bonanza.  Now, finding positive assessments of the Browns’ moves are just about completely overshadowing the negativity, which is a shrinking minority each and every day.  The media has obviously noticed that the team at least has a commitment to winning and building on success, which – surprisingly, since you would think every team should be committed to winning – is a step in the right direction.  Still, I’m afraid that a 10-6 season is going to raise expectations to the point where just about everything will be considered a failure.  On paper, the Browns have a much tougher schedule in 2008, and the defense will obviously still be a major concern going into the season.  Unless Derek Anderson learns to harness that ball a little better, there might be some more games as painful as that last Bengals game.

On another note, it would be nice to see the Browns wrap up their spending spree that you can believe has been recognized around the rest of the league.  That way, we can then turn our attention to the Dra…oh yeah…