Savage Right All Along About Potential Anderson Deal


Remember at the beginning of March when Phil Savage got word of a potential deal in which a team would trade for Derek Anderson and then trade him to another team in order to move up into the top 10 of the draft?  Well, try a potential deal where Anderson would end up giving the Dallas Cowboys the number one pick.

No one is going to confirm that the Cowboys would give the Browns a late first-round pick and third-round pick for the quarterback, but apparently Savage has some great sources working for him.  Apparently, the Cowboys would then have traded Anderson to the Miami Dolphins, judging by the fact that Bill Parcells was particularly fond of him.  The speculation goes so far to suggest that Phil Simms, a former player of Parcells’, actually hyped up Anderson during the second Browns-Steelers game.  Crazy stuff.

But Phil Savage is not fooled so easily.  He was sniffing this one out over a month ago, and was not going to let Anderson become a great draft pick for someone else.  Instead, the Browns go into next season with a great situation on their hands with two very capable quarterbacks.  Keep in mind that Anderson is only 24-years-old and has an entire season under his belt, not to mention he was a Pro Bowler as well.  And yet, people want to complain about not giving Brady Quinn the chance that should apparently be his, no questions asked.  At this point, knowing that Anderson will be staying for next season, it’s time to simply get excited about the great potential of this offense.