Is the Cleveland Clinic Trying to Kill Browns Players?


Yet another staph infection has found its way onto the Browns roster.  This time, it has been revealed that wide receiver Joe Jurevicius suffered a staph infection, stemming from the minor knee surgery he had in January.  About two weeks after the surgery, he began experiencing symptoms while on a trip out west, so it is unknown just how he could have contracted the infection, or so they say.  The infection is not as serious as the one that LeCharles Bentley suffered, which was potentially limb- and life-threatening and required surgery.  In fact, Bentley is still recovering from that particular infection.

Jurevicius becomes the sixth Browns player to suffer from a staph infection in the past four years – the other five being Bentley, Kellen Winslow, Braylon Edwards and two former players in safety Brian Russell and linebacker Ben Taylor.

This probably means that the Cleveland Clinic has a vendetta against the Browns.  I will take that seemingly ridiculous, radical position and assume that the Clinic is secretly attempting to sabotage the Browns; after all, look at some of the players being affected by these staph infections, at least lately.  It certainly is odd that these keep popping up, and a staph infection is no laughing matter, either.  Judging by what happened to Bentley, these should be treated with extreme care.  Jurevicius apparently underwent at least one procedure to get the infection cleaned out.

Just remember this: the Cleveland Clinic is full of Steelers fans.