Derek Anderson: Without the Faith of His Past Teammates


Gerard Lawson, an undrafted cornerback signed by the Browns, was a teammate of Derek Anderson at Oregon State in 2004, and had his locker right next to the current Browns quarterback.  And yet, even he was blown away by the emergence of D.A. in 2007:

"“Back in Oregon, we were like … ‘D.A.?'”"

It’s understandable; after all, Anderson was a sixth-round pick cut by the Baltimore Ravens.  But it sure would be nice to have the backing of some former teammates, like “We always knew he could do it,” instead of “Huh?”  For being such a laid-back guy, one has to think this universal lack of support perhaps motivated him further.  Also, try not to take Lawson’s quotes out of context – he still called Anderson “a great guy to be around.”

If Lawson manages to crack the Browns’ roster, one will most likely find him patrolling the field on special teams.  With the secondary thin, he can also play cornerback and safety.