OTAs Keep Question of Cornerbacks in Mind


Late last week, the Browns re-signed cornerback Jereme Perry. Before bringing him back, the team only had three cornerbacks that had ever seen live NFL action – Eric Wright, Brandon McDonald, and Daven Holly.  Now practice squad alum A.J. Davis enters the year as another potential cornerback and will most likely see plenty of time on the field.

After reading this article on the Browns’ website, and considering the current make-up of the team, the thought of the situation at this position is obviously one of ample concern. Despite the issue at tight end, it pales in comparison, especially with the pressure being put on this defense to perform better than last season. The two best cornerbacks – Wright and McDonald – are only entering their second NFL seasons, but are said to be making significant strides, as if the Browns would ever say “Well, we won’t say we’re screwed here, but this isn’t the best situation to be in.”

It remains a major question, but not one that is utterly hopeless. It is a position that will not be without its growing pains, but Wright, McDonald and the rest of the cornerbacks seem entirely capable of being able to adapt and integrate nicely into the league. At the very least, last season provides them with something to build on.

However, just a quick memo to Shaun Rogers and Corey Williams: it would be in your best interests to play like men possessed this season and help open up that defensive front.