Jamal Lewis Talks Trash About Ravens – And It’s Ok!


I found this story on The Ebony Bird, the Baltimore Ravens blog in the Fan-Sided universe.  It comes from an article in which Jamal Lewis, the Browns’ current running back, discusses the offensive weapons, or lack thereof, surrounding him when he was playing in Baltimore.  What is most interesting is the fact that Jarrett, the blogger over at TEB, pretty much backs up what Lewis gripes about, even when he had this to say:

"“Now I’m with a better team, I’m around better players, and I have help. In the place I was in before, I had no help, so … it’s a much better situation.”"

It wouldn’t matter who said it, or the context that it was in, but if a player runs his mouth about a past team that I have a certain affection for, I get ready to lambaste him like no other.  Gotta love a self-deprecating Ravens fan, but I do suppose it’s respectable that he took the high road (which is the right, but much less fun, thing to do).

As Lewis turns 29 in two months, one has to wonder how much longer he can last physically.  However, with the options currently available to the offense, the pressure will be kept off Lewis, helping him to preserve his body and fend off the physical prowess-depriving demons that come with age.