People Really Hate Tony Grossi


With the OTAs winding down, there is not too much news revolving around the Browns, at least little that does not have to do with the cornerback situation.  Beat writer Tony Grossi has checked in once again from the OTAs, offering his observations and opinions on a variety of topics surrounding the team.  It’s a quick read, and he gives you enough of that information that only “insiders” like journalists get, but the real entertainment is found in the comments where just about every. single. person. gets on Grossi’s case.

The sarcasm is rich in comments that call for Grossi to be “nominated for a Pulitzer Prize,” and some people just come out and say “Tony, I think you should be demoted to covering the Gladiators of the AFL.”  Like I said, the treasures of Tony Grossi’s writing are found in the harsh, yet hilarious, words of his most impassioned haters.  Do you think he reads these comments and cries himself to sleep, or at least gets extremely drunk?  My guess is that he doesn’t give a rat’s you-know-what about what Joe Commenter has to say, as poignant as it may be.

I cannot defend the man too much, at least not when he makes points like these:

"Regarding the quarterbacks, coach Romeo Crennel made a comment that will spur forum chatter. Speaking about Derek Anderson’s increased confidence in his second season as the starter, the coach said, “There’s no real competition he has to worry about.” What he meant, of course, is that there is no “open competition” for the starting job, as there was a year ago."

I think most Browns fans knew there was no “real competition” heading into this season.  People with their heads in the sand think Brady Quinn has a shot at winning the starting job in camp.  This has been forum chatter for a long, long time and will continue to flare up even more after every Derek Anderson interception.

Why teams don’t allow bloggers into these things I’ll never understand.  Imagine the updates, analysis, and incessant bickering that could take place from the OTAs, not to mention plenty of free publicity.  God forbid if anything negative should arise, however.  Gotta protect that pristine image NFL players do so well in forging.