Browns Picked to Miss Playoffs


Mike Florio, most notably (to me at least) of fame, also writes two columns a week for Sporting News. Last week he attempted to pick six non-playoff teams from 2007 that will stay out of the playoff picture when the 2008 season rolls around. As you may have guessed by now, Florio picked the Browns, putting them near the top, at number two.

He cites the issues that have been prevalent all offseason, including the vicious schedule, and the apparent overpaying for both Donte’ Stallworth and Shaun Rogers, who rarely gets mentioned without the word “underachieving” going before his name. Florio also questions whether or not Derek Anderson will be able to continue playing at such a high level with opposing teams getting plenty of time to figure him out.

These are valid concerns to have with the team, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say the team grossly overpaid for guys like Stallworth and Rogers.  If the Browns wanted to even come close to sniffing the playoffs, they had to go out and make these moves.  Sure, it can be called desperation, but the team understands how small a window for success is in the NFL.  If there is a time to make a run, it would be in the next few years with this high-octane offense.

The other five teams picked to miss out on the postseason fun: the New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals, and Carolina Panthers.