Mascot Battle Raging Over at CBS


If any form of competition gets your juices flowing, then this will definitely be up your alley. CBS Sports is running a tournament of the NFL’s mascots, and the Browns’ TD is currently locked (sort of) in a second-round battle with the Dolphin’s TD. After voting, and seeing the results, it would seem that TD (our TD, that is) is going to need all the help he can get because he currently holds only about 32% of the vote.

A 13-seed, TD took down the Kansas City Chiefs’ mascot KC Wolf in the first round. Take that, KC! Sorry, I am a sucker for any sort of competition, especially a tournament (and this one being utterly meaningless makes it even better).

If you have a minute, head on over there and vote for the Browns’ TD.  The voting on this round ends June 17th.  I can’t say that we have the most imaginative mascots (pretty simple dogs), but they get the job done, which is simply entertaining kiddies. Plus, we have to stay loyal. And when are the Browns going to get mascots for the adults, i.e. cheerleaders?