Stallworth Says Road to Super Bowl Goes Through Cleveland


One of the new additions to the Browns, wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth, recently said that he turned down more money from a noncontender this past off-season.  He also said he jokes around with former teammate Randy Moss that “the road to the Super Bowl goes through Cleveland.”  Whether or not that is the case, it does not necessarily matter.  All we need as fans is a show of confidence from the team, and a player like Stallworth will be a great addition in that regard.  The Browns could use a player that talks the proverbial “smack” and walks with a, dare I say, certain swagger about them.  The match-ups with the Steelers this season should be classic.

– On another note, keep the date of July 23rd in your mind, because it is the date Christmas has been rescheduled to.  That’s right, the Browns’ training camp begins in just a few short weeks and we will be ready to dust off our writing talent here at DPD to offer up analysis and attempts at hilarity all the way through next season and beyond.