PUP List For Jurevicius


With the recent revaluations that Joe Jurevicius’s June 30th surgery will take longer to heal than originally believed, it looks as if the 11 year vet will start out the season on the Physically Unable to Perform list.  Meaning that Jurevicius could be available for the week 7 match-up at Washington.

This now opens the door for a battle for the 3rd WR spot.  Who will end up getting it, well your guess is as good as mine. But the canidates include:

FA acquisition Kevin Kasper, who is entering his 6th season after bouncing around teams the past few seasons.  3rd year underachiever Travis Wilson, who was quite possibly the biggest surprise of the team’s mini-camp, for the way he was performing so well.  Return man extraordinare, Joshua Cribbs, is also a possiblility.  The last and possibly most unlikely is rookie Paul Hubbard, who the team actually drafted to be Jurevicius’s future replacement.

Personally I would try Wilson, and Kasper as the replacement in the the pre-season first before anyone else.  With Wilson it’s about time he proves his worth, and Kasper has been around before and of the four has the most experience.  I would really hate to see Cribbs taken away from what he does best, special teams, however I also feel that there is an untapped potential for him as a WR/RB combo player with some trick plays here and there.  Finally I say we let Hubbard develop a bit before throwing him out there as our #3 but like the others he deserves a chance to get on the field and prove his worth.