Training Camp Begins, Meaning More Posts (Promise)


Yesterday marked the beginning of training camp for the Browns, and for many, it is the greatest day of the year (sans the day the Brownies win the Super Bowl).  The activity on the site is guaranteed to pick up during the course of the next few months leading into preseason and the glorious start to the NFL schedule.  Something I must mention: I am currently working at school and will be extremely busy during the week, but I will be posting as often as possible.  That’s not mentioning Chris, who has been doing a great job on DPD since he came aboard, so keep checking back every day.

Long story short, this is where the fun begins.  Keep an eye on the Fan-Sided forums, because the activity is bound to pick up there as well as we start discussing the key aspects of the Browns during this year’s training camp.  And, for once, optimism is plentiful, prompting expectations of double-digit wins.  What do you guys think, ten wins or more for the Browns in 2008-09?