Gary Baxter? Oh Yeah, We’re Still Pulling For Him


Every few weeks or so, it seems that a new article about safety Gary Baxter comes out regarding his incredibly difficult road to recovery from an injury that just about no one else can sympathize with – that is, unless your name just happens to be Wendell Davis.  Davis is the only other player in the NFL (Baxter obviously being the second one) to tear both patella tendons on the same play.  The even bigger issue is that Davis was never able to make it back on the playing field.  Despite rehashing this story again, it is interesting to get the view of a player who went through the same difficult journey.

Nevertheless, I’m still pulling for Baxter, even if a new week means yet another article regarding this pesky little injury (tongue-in-cheek!) that has kept him off the field since 2006.  Maybe we need to tell the Browns’ writers that we in fact have remembered Baxter and hope he can contribute this season.  It’s a little sad to hear that Baxter is adopting this “realistic view” of his injury, but I suppose it is time to face the facts: the chances are incredibly slim that a comeback will be in order.  But if he somehow pulls it off, it will surely make him one of the best stories in the league this year.  At least Davis will be there to lend his support.