No News Is Good News


Well in most cases, this is not what most fans want to hear, but when it comes to training camp this is great. There have been no lingering injuries to anyone, knock on wood that this continues, the position battles are only at the 3rd WR spot, and the 4th and 5th CB spots, and no one has held out. So what’s the point your asking yourself, well try and think of the last team to win ANYTHING who went into camp with numerous holdouts and a ton of position battles, you can’t because it has never happened before. Yes the Browns, aren’t without questions especially at CB where Eric Wright, Brandon McDonald, and Terry Cousin are the top corners but after that it gets thin really quickly. But the answers to these questions and more will be answered in the following days of camp and in 8 days during the first pre-season game against the Jets, and don’t expect to see to much of the starters as pre-season progresses either, because for the first time since the early 1990’s those spots are set.