Browns Nemisis Too Fat To Play


If any of you been to training camp or seen them play else where in person, then I’m sure you know that Shaun Rogers, Corey Williams, Robaire Smith, and Shaun Smith are all pretty big guys, well you may change your mind in a moment.

Seems as though Pittsburgh Steelers D-lineman Casey Hampton, is too fat to participate in the team’s training camp and has been placed on the PUP list, after Hampton failed the team’s annual run test. He won’t be allowed to practice with the team until he sheds the extra pounds either.

This cracks me up, and as a Browns fan I couldn’t be happier to have this to a team such as the Steelers. Maybe more of these kinds of events can take place in that unmentionable city 2 hours east.

Go and party it up all you want Casey, go and party it up!