Browns/Jets Recap


Well the Browns fell last night 20-24 to the Jets but, hey it’s only pre-season so who cares right? Anyways lets take a look at the good, the promising, and the not so good (we’ll be doing this throughout the season, so keep an eye out after each game).

The Good

  • Derek Anderson…4-5, 20 yards, 1 TD. Yeah the stat line doesn’t jump out at you but DA looked on his game tonight and would have played more if not for the severe weather.
  • 1st team o-line… The o-line was great they gave the QB’s time in the pocket and didn’t allow a sack
  • 1st team d-line… The d-line didn’t allow the Jets running game to get off the ground and made a few big stops on 3rd and 4th downs.
  • Brady Quinn… 13-17, 133 yards, 1 Int. Ok ok he was going with the 2nd team what do you want, and yeah he had a pick, but it wasn’t his fault. Overall Brady looked pretty calm and under control all the while.
  • Braylon Edwards…1 reception, 2 yards, 1 TD. Ok now these numbers look like nothing, I’ll admit that but that catch, WOW! (follow the link below)

The promising

  • Martin Rucker…5 receptions, 70 yards. If only he could have caught that pass over the middle in the end zone.
  • Travis Wilson…3 receptions, 58 yards. He played like a guy who wants to keep his job, this is the Travis Wilson the Browns thought they where getting 3 years ago.
  • Louis Leonard…4 tackles. He lead the team in tackles and if he keeps this up will provide some nice depth on the defensive line.
  • Syndric Steptoe…2 kick returns for 73 yards, 2 punt returns for 25 yards. He could provide a viable back-up to Joshua Cribbs if teams start avoiding him.
  • Jerome Harrison…8 carries, 31 yards. Let’s pray that Jamel Lewis stays healthy, but if anything happens Harrison should be a viable option.

The not so good

  • 2nd team secondary…Boy did they get burned. I mean before tonight I had never heard of David Clowney, but he looked like a star tonight against these guys.
  • 2nd team o-line…2 sacks allowed. Yeah minus the Jason Wright TD run, they committed too many penitlies and didn’t give Ken Dorsey much time in the pocket.

And as promised in the previous post…..

Braylon Edwards TD Aug 7