Battered Browns Taking On Lions


Today at 4 p.m., the Browns will take on the Detroit Lions at Ford FIeld.  The biggest headline going into the game will be Brady Quinn as he takes over the starting job while Derek Anderson recovers from a mild concussion he sustained in the last preseason debacle against the Giants.  This is certainly not going to be much of an indicator of any sort of progress the Browns have made this off-season, considering the rash of injuries plaguing the team recently.

As much as we want to make this a big story, I wouldn’t get too excited about seeing Quinn play for at least three quarters today.  Once Anderson is healthy, it won’t matter what Quinn did during this game, or even next Thursday’s game for that matter.

The Browns will also be without Joshua Cribbs, Jamal Lewis, Brodney Pool, Willie McGinest, and Braylon Edwards – and those are just the key players.  That’s not counting the rest of the players on the laundry list of injured Brownies.  In other words, we’re watching the game today simply to enjoy watching the Browns on the field once again as we wait for September 7th (which, hopefully, will give the team enough time to get completely healthy to take on the Cowboys).