Safety Sean Jones Out; Safety Nick Sorensen Grabs Testicles


Another injury has hit the Browns, as safety Sean Jones is going to miss several weeks because of knee surgery.  The good news, however, is that he will not be placed on IR (as if that can come as any consolation).  An already thin secondary is being ravaged with injuries and this little bug that floats around the field and forces a team’s defense to play as poorly as possible.

– This is a “story” that came out on Monday, but I just found it: apparently, Adam “Pacman” Jones (I will always call him Pacman, simply because he wants the name dropped) is more than a little upset with Browns safety Nick Sorensen.  The Cowboys cornerback claims that Sorensen grabbed his package in the middle of a scrum during Sunday’s game.  Or, as Jones put it, Sorensen “grabbed and squeezed.”  He also didn’t retaliate because he is “trying to do better,” according to Tim MacMahon of the Dallas Morning News.  So there’s your visual for the day.  Why Jones is so mad I have no idea; after all, a little afternoon delight never hurt anybody.

If the above story doesn’t bring a smile to your face today, then I would simply assume that you have no soul.