Are Romeo’s Days Numbered?


The rumor mill has been aflame the past few hours, with a tasty little nugget getting out there.  It seems that Former Steeler’s head coach Bill Cowher has purchased a house in Strongsville, Ohio (which happens to be just south of Berra, where surprise surpise the Brown have their training facilities).

If this happens to be true, it is speculated that Cowher would want to run the show, and not just by being head coach.  So it along with Romeo Crennel, Phil Savage would probably be gone too.

I don’t know how I feel about this rumor at this point, and let’s remember it’s just a rumor at this point too.  The main point for me taking the fence on this one at this point is because Cowher would want to be GM as well, and I’m too big of a Savage fan to let him go.  But if that’s the price it costs then you may have to bite the bullet on this one come this off-season.