Browns – Bengals: the Real Battle of the Titans


First of all, I know I said there would be news about a Browns-related contest on here.  That is true, we will be having a contest on here, but it will be happening later than I originally thought.  Right after I finished that post, I got an e-mail saying the products we will be giving away aren’t in yet.  It will be a little bit, but we’ll have a contest on here – promise.

With that out of the way, think about the epic match-ups taking place on Sunday – Steelers vs. Titans, Giants vs. Panthers, and, most importantly, Browns vs. Bengals.  This was one of the few games that, up until last week, I truly thought the Browns had a chance at winning.  Cincinnati was looking more hopeless than Cleveland for a change; yet, after the Browns’ drubbing on Monday and the Bengals recent surprises against the Redskins and Eagles (even if it was just a tie), I am not so sure anymore.  And if the Browns don’t win on Sunday, don’t expect to see another W until 2009…maybe.

I honestly cannot remember the last offensive touchdown the Browns scored without having to look it up.  This is like some recurring nightmare from the 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003…2004…2005…and 2006 seasons. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and the rest of his offense looked liked he was leading the Bengals to the Super Bowl last week in the way he helped make the Redskins look silly and, well, like the Redskins we figured would show up sooner or later.  This is not going to be an easy win by any means and if I had to venture a guess, it will most likely be another demoralizing, horrendous loss.  In terms of effort, let’s just say that it at least looks like the Bengals are giving more.

So, don’t make any plans this Sunday, because the 2-11-1 Bengals take on the 4-10 Browns.  I also just realized that the Steelers-Titans game is at 1:00 PM as well…on CBS…the same channel as our other gladiator match.  Which means I don’t even get to flip to that game to see what professional football is.  I know I am being harsh here, but cynicism is my strong suit.  To be honest, I’m not sure what I would do with a team that had a winning record.  Buy more apparel at outrageous prices, I guess.