Mike Shanahan: the Next Head Coach of the Browns?


Dig on that headline.  Sit on it for a second.  Sip on it.  How does it feel?  It could be a possibility.  According to sources, the Browns are seeking to interview the ex-Broncos coach.  It would be ridiculous not to seek an interview with Mike Shanahan to at least gauge his feelings toward coaching Cleveland.

I like Shanahan for his experience and strong personality that demands respect.  However, his record with the Broncos since John Elway retired hasn’t been stellar.  He does know how to get the most out of an offense – the Broncos were a 1,000 yard running back factory for a while – but neglecting the defense?  Not something the Browns can afford to do.  Also, who knows if Shanahan would be willing to work under a GM.  Broncos QB Jay Cutler was pretty upset about the firing, so one can assume Shanahan was at least liked a little bit.

If you are a huge Shanahan supporter, consider this, taken from Tom E. Curran’s article on NBCsports.com:

"What had to clinch it for Bowlen, though, were the absurd losses Denver absorbed this season. Beaten by the lowly Chiefs 33-19 after a 3-0 start. A 41-7 destruction by the Patriots in Foxboro. A sloppy, staggering loss at home to Miami. A 31-10 ripping at home by the hated Raiders. Then the three straight losses to end the season."