Suddenly, Pioli Doesn’t Look Like Such a Great Choice


There’s nothing I want less for the Browns than for the team’s next head coach to be from the college ranks.  Besides, good luck selling fan’s on that idea.  Butch Davis sealed the fate (in the minds of the fans, at least) for college coaches aspiring to be the head coach of the Browns for quite some time.  However, if the Browns snag Scott Pioli as their GM, that may change whether or not we as fans like it.  The name continuously being thrown around in conjunction with Pioli is Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz – you know, the guy currently leading Iowa to all those Big Ten titles and BCS appearances.

Now, “unnamed sources” say that Pioli would call upon his friend Ferentz if hired, and while I normally laugh at such conclusions, I can’t help but feel wary of the situation.  Even less assuring is the fact that Pioli lists Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels as another leading candidate if he were to take the job.  No thanks.  If I am to assume then that Pioli does not think much of Eric Mangini, then I cannot say I want Scott Pioli to be the next GM of the Cleveland Browns.  You wouldn’t want to create tension right away by hiring Mangini if Pioli isn’t a fan.  Personnel decisions like that usually, and should, come from the GM and a situation like that right off the bat would be bad.  But, then again, it would be typical for this organization.

As the situation continues to unfold, I look at Rich McKay of the Falcons more and more as a better candidate.  A great track record and the ability to build a bad team back to prominence, McKay is looking better for the Browns.